Anticipating the Apocalypse with Cape Consort

by Cape Consort @ The Fugard

About the project

The Monteverdi Project, Part III: Anticipating the Apocalypse: Music for the End of the World, presented to you by The Cape Consort at the famed Fugard Theatre.

In the same spirit as its highly popular predecessors, The Matrix of the Madrigal and Heart/Attack, the versatile Cape Consort's new programme once again promises stirring interpretations of exceptional Baroque repertoire with high doses of creative flair, sensuality and mischief.

Five splendid voices, period instruments, animated text projections – inspired interpretations of Baroque music in contemporary performances!

Anticipating the Apocalypse is set during the last 24 hours before an imminent apocalypse. We accompany a young man as he urgently tries to tick off the items on his final to-do list. And old love-affair needs to be resolved, a current relation taken care of, matters of religion sorted, but also some shopping and partying fitted in. In juxtaposing sacred and secular works by Monteverdi and contemporaries from Italy, Germany and England, the group explores the blurred distinctions between the spiritual and the profane, the profound and the mundane, the sensible and the whimsical.

Cape Consort's crowdfunding Milestones:

Milestone 1 → We reach this Milestone and our project can commence!

Milestone 1: R15,000
Milestone 1 will provide funding security regarding preparatory costs for the production, such as programme compilation, acquisition of music, design of projections and basic fees for all musicians.

Milestone 2: R40, 000
Milestone 2 will provide the security to cover minimal performance fees for the three scheduled shows. These involve 11 musicians, one scriptwriter, two designers and technical assistants.

Milestone 3: R 60 000
By reaching Milestone 3 the full costs of the project will be covered, such as the marketing and communication expenses. . If we reach Milestone 3 the full costs of the project can be covered, including allowances for administrative tasks, marketing and communication expenses, as well as remuneration for rehearsals.

Any surplus funds will go towards the SA Early Music Trust backing up future projects.

This program will be performed at the Fugard Theatre on three consecutive Sundays:
• Sunday, 13, 20 and 27 October 2013 at 18:00.

More about us, the Cape Consort:

In the short time since its inception in 2010 the Cape Consort has gained widespread recognition as a most innovative ensemble dedicated to stylish performances of early music. Its carefully programmed concerts continue to explore early and unusual repertoire in a spirited manner and by now attract a dedicated following.

Apart from its schedule of country-wide concerts, the Cape Consort curates a special project at the Fugard Theatre. Running as the ‘Monteverdi Project’ it pays homage to Claudio Monteverdi, who is regarded as the most important Early Baroque composer of dramatic music.

It traces and re-enacts the historical development of the dramatic element in music – the emotional, narrative, rhetoric qualities that elevate music to the unique human expression that we have come to know and love. It is therefore more than apt to exemplify the roots of this development in a repertoire hardly performed in South Africa.

The Cape Consort wishes to thank you for your contribution to our success. By supporting our concerts you contribute to the diversification of the musical repertoire presented locally. Moreover you assist us to create much-needed sustained professional opportunities for local musicians. Read more
  • Patrick Schofield SOUTH AFRICA
  • Michiel Moll SOUTH AFRICA
  • Tracy Craig SOUTH AFRICA
  • Ulrike Kussing SOUTH AFRICA
  • Birgit Davies SOUTH AFRICA
  • Jennifer Matlock SOUTH AFRICA
  • Bridget Salonen SOUTH AFRICA
  • Malcolm de Roubaix SOUTH AFRICA
  • Bettina von Dombois GERMANY
  • Athol Fugard SOUTH AFRICA
  • Vickie Gibson SOUTH AFRICA
  • Roy Emmerich GERMANY
  • Nick de Jager SOUTH AFRICA
  • Lorrimer SOUTH AFRICA
  • Catherine Lomberg SOUTH AFRICA
  • Morné Bezuidenhout SOUTH AFRICA
  • Dietmar Anders SOUTH AFRICA
  • David Gibson UNITED STATES
  • Vera Vukovic SOUTH AFRICA
  • Helen Westcott SOUTH AFRICA
  • Simon Cross SOUTH AFRICA
  • Hans Huyssen SOUTH AFRICA
  • Rebekka Sandmeier SOUTH AFRICA
  • Philipp Mathmann GERMANY
  • Matthew Moody SOUTH AFRICA
  • Toni
  • Donald Ainslie
  • Erik Dippenaar
  • Emile de Roubaix
  • Sarabande GERMANY
  • Sarabande
  • Christian Fulda GERMANY
  • Bettina von Dombois
  • Orlando SOUTH AFRICA
  • Uwe
  • Ms Louw
  • Jamie


Tipping Point R15,000
Milestone 2 R40,000
Milestone 3 R60,000
tipping point
In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!
tipping point
25 hrs
In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!

More about the project

The Cape Consort.
Splendid voices, period instruments, inspiring interpretations, digital text projections.
The famed Fugard Theatre in District Six, Cape Town.
The poster for 'Anticipating the Apocolypse'. For more information -

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About the organisation

Awards And Recognitions

The group has received the Woordtrofee for ‘best classical music production’ at the 2012 Stellenbosch Woordfees and has been nominated for a KykNet Fiësta Award. It presents an on-going early music series at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town and has released its first CD with a selection of Madrigals by Monteverdi.