Espinaca Kneads You!


About the project

"Espinaca" means spinach in Spanish...

I'm Lufefe Nomjana and I am a health-inspired, passionate baker from Khayelitsha, Cape Town. After 23 years of living an unhealthy lifestyle in an unhealthy environment, I realized that I have to first change my lifestyle to a better one, in order to change my environment.

I then - like my delicious baked goods - rose to the occasion and co-founded Espinaca Innovations. My company is the change-making agent in distributing nutritious food - my own Green Food solution - to pre-schools, orphanages, and to many individuals around my community of Khayelitsha.

Espinaca Innovations is delicious, nutritious homemade bread and muffins burgers - 100% handcrafted and brimming with nourishment!

Espinaca Kneads You!

The challenge is transportation, as I don't have my own delivery van. Myself and others who assist me, walk about 25 km a day to do deliveries.

We are in pursuit of cost-efficient, eco-friendly, well-designed transport, which is why we are proposing at least 5 bicycles - designed specifically for product deliveries.

Espinaca Innovations is working alongside BEN'S Bikes (Bicycling Empowerment Network) to secure these bicycles.

Milestone 1 → I reach this Milestone and my project is good to go!

Milestone 1: R5 000

With this appetising amount I will be able to expand Espinaca by getting:

• 5 well-designed bicycles, with baskets,
• 5 employees within the township of Khayelitsha to immediately begin the health revolution distribution!
• Branded Espinaca Innovations helmets,
• Secure lock-up chains and maintenance kits for the bicycles.

We will also receive bicycle training, such as safety procedures.

These bicycles will make our work easier and more efficient for the distribution of the Green Solution to the people.

A BIG thanks to all who got me to this Milestone on Wednesday, 11 September! Myself and my team are beyond excited that we finally have a delivery system set-up! And much thanks to BEN'S Bikes for offering to providing us with the designed bicycles.

Milestone 2: R10 000

The possibilities of Popeye...!

My original goal was to purchase a further 5 bicycles, however it's more important that I purchase items which well help me turnover larger quantities of bread loaves for my community.

I therefore wish to purchase:

• A kitchen table;
• Marble cutting boards to help knead the dough;
• A high-powered dough mixing machine, as I currently mix everything by hand,

• I would also like to present my team with branded T-Shirts to match our helmets, making us look like a real team with company showcasing. Through the T-shirt branding too, Espinaca will be known through the uniform, and not be seen as just a pedestrian - we will definitely wear it with pride!

Milestone 3: R20 000

My dream as the Founder of Espinaca Innovations, is to have the first, proper health-bakery in the township where the mass market would be able to access healthy, convenient and innovative products at an affordable price. This initial bakery, with its bicycle distribution concept will then be the mother bakery to other franchise models of Espinaca in and around Cape Town.

I would like to upgrade my current bakery equipment to include:
• A second oven,
• 10 silicone bread loaf containers for better quality baking,
• A dough proofer, which assists the final dough-rise step before baking,
• Train a second baker to assist me and grow Espinaca.

My aim is to then purchase a space to present my products for sale at:
• Department of Coffee, Khayelitsha
• Odd Cup Coffee Shop @ Learn to Earn, Khayelitsha Campus
• Truth Coffee Cult, Cape Town CBD

Any funds over and above this...

Will go towards marketing my products, the promotion and education of a healthy lifestyle to my community and ensuring Espinaca Innovations grows from strength-to-strength professionally.

After a year, I believe we will be supplying the big retail stores - especially the local franchises - with our healthy, fresh products.
This project is of utmost importance to me as its Founder, as I believe in making a change that will have an impact on the health and development of the world at large. I have found a way of ensuring that my passion is lived with the rest of humanity in mind. This is how I will make a positive difference. Read more
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Tipping Point R5,000
Milestone 2 R10,000
Milestone 3 R20,000
tipping point
In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!
tipping point
25 hrs
In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!

More about the project

Quality control! This is me, Lufefe, eating and serving my spinach bread at the UWC ceremony.
Delicious and nutritious!
Hunting spinach for spinach innovations and success!
I've have had the greatest opportunity (just a great as this one with Thundafund of course!) to work alongside the people of Pick 'n Pay... I'm currently supplying my bread and muffins to the Pick 'n Pay Head Office Canteen in Kenilworth - going down a treat with all the staff!

Get involved

Here are some great ways to get involved with the project and help out. If you have...
  • 5 minutes
    Get a virtual taste of the day-to-day operations of Espinaca Innovations by like my Facebook page: I'd also be as proud as Popeye if you could share this campaign with all those who eat - so essentially, everyone!
  • A few hours
    Why not join me and my team on a delivery cycle? If you've got a bicycle, we'd love to have you zip around with us and see the many happy faces when they receive their healthy food. Or when I'm supplying to my new cafes', let us meet and eat!
  • Regular time commitment
    I would love to expand into Cape Town and its many cool cafe's - are you this person to assist me? Let's chat!

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sylvester Gasana 09 July 2014 - 15:23

This is great. Do you do anything with spinach? and when are you coming to Hout Bay? Keep me informed

Keith Recore 02 October 2013 - 13:43

I have enjoyed watching the funding grow as more supporters came forth, beleiving in Lufefe's and Team Espinaca's goals/purpose. More success to you now that you are funded and I hope you find the support you need to continue on within the community as well as your expansion goals. I see some good energy with Team Espinaca. Well Done!

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