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How many of us, at some time in our life, have walked or driven past a vendor, selling locally made products or goods? On a daily basis we receive WhatsApp messages, emails or see Facebook posts of people trying to sell something they have made All these “vendors” are small entrepreneurs in their own right, most of them are facing similar constraints. The lack of resources, access to funding, a sustainable market, computer literacy and much more.

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Barend van der Westhuizen After a very successful start to my career in the Banking Industry, I opted to venture on my own. What started of as a highly profitable Bond Originating company became The Property Shoppe, where we did more than just helping customers with bond finance. The business model consisted of an Estate Agency, Building and Renovating, Interior designing and Property Development, not only was this a huge success, but led to building of our own rental property, consisting of 33 flats in the Wellington area. Various projects including the renovation and interior design. After the property slump in 2008, my career took a turn and a focus on a total different industry. I was offered an opportunity as Area Sales Representative at Bell Equipment in Port Elizabeth, in 2018 on of my customers made me an offer and I moved back to the Western Cape, as Marketing Manager at African Biomass Company. In short, I have always thought of myself is someone to find solutions for problems, may it be in Finance, property or fixing a marketing problem, and I am good at it. I have always had this dream of a business that is not only sustainable but creates opportunities across the whole value chain and what would be better if it could add value to communities by doing so. This is my vision for BABISA, Its not a long shot, or pie in the sky, its a carefully thought out business plan, concept with multiple income streams, but most importantly is is going to add value to 1000’s of people’s lives it is truly “Born and Bred in South Africa” Hercules Visser Being involved in major construction companies developing cluster housing, commercial buildings, hotels, affordable housing it was my spare time interest as hunting guide and fisherman that has honed me a human being to assist and help the less privileged people. Assisting various upcoming farmers in the CPA's especially the Morongwa Community in Lepalalle district where they have had access to agricultural land but other than the rentals on cattle grazing could not really achieve financially development. After few years they now striving on additional incomes by echo tourism, handcrafted item sales, Biltong processing and sales. There are thousands of similar communities and individual upcoming entrepreneurs that need guidance and assistance a solid platform for their products to be advertised in order for their sales to hit the ceiling and they can live a decent life