Mrs Njie started her Business Career in Benin at the age of 20 when she was introduced to Cosmetics Business course . She found the trade interesting and enrolled to learn the skill on natural soap, hair butter and shampoo productions. As the trade was trending in Benin, she decided to bring it to The Gambia for testing. Like all new businesses, families and friends where always around to support but yet still she needed more to stand on her own.

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Mrs Fatoumata Njie Dukureh founder and producer of a herbal tea company 'YAXARE' a young Gambian who was born and raised in the Gambia. she did her studies at the Management Development Institute (MDI) and graduated with a certificate in Management Policy Analysis. went to Ndow's Junior Secondary School Certificate. Mrs Njie Started her Business career in Benin at the age of 20 when she was introduced to the cosmetics business course. Mrs Dukureh is a true believer of herself