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by Project X 2014

About the project

Pharox 2014: a shining star on Signal hill, lighting and igniting pride from Green Point to Grassy Park, and built with pieces of our past to ignite pride in our present. When dismantled it will light the homes of 4000 people for 25years into the future.

Light this light! Ignite our pride! Invest in, and become part of, this incredible installation art structure, that will be visible throughout Cape Town, become an icon of a special year, and once it is brought down bring 25 years of light saving to hundreds of homes in Khayelitsha township.

Already a potent collaborative piece, with architects Mokena Makeka, South African National Parks, Azapi and Kilowatt AV lending their incredible skills to this unique project, we’re inviting you, to join us in the art of making PharoX2014 happen. And to know that not only will you be part of creating something truly visible, this piece will contribute to our community in so many long terms ways:

Fund a Pharox light bulb, which lasts for 25 years – at the end of the project these bulbs will be given to homes in need: not only do they save the houses needing to buy new bulbs for 25 years (so saving the purchase of approximately 52 lightbulbs) they also use up to 80% less electricity for a generation. Talk about eco friendly and efficient house keeping!

Once a month a project that is important to a Cape Town community will be given the gallery created by supporting the Star, for an event, or exhibition.

Project X 2014 (PharoX) Milestones:

We intend to raise R1,000,000 through our community to fund the bulbs and the exhibition space.

Milestone 1 → We reach this Milestone and our project is a-go!

Milestone 1: R100,000 (400 LED’s)
Fund the 1st Phase: containers, meeting space & ‘heart star’.

Once we successfully reach Milestone 1, we receive R10 000.00 match-funding from World Design Capital: Cape Town 2014.

Milestone 2: R600,000 (2,400 LED’s)
Fund the 10 story LED Star, Exhibition Space & a venue manager.

Milestone 3: R1,000,000 (4,000 LED's)
Just because its recycled & conservation centred, doesn’t mean it can’t be World Class – slick, impressive, landscaped, staffed and captivating.

Why Pharox?

Pharox or Pharos was the lighthouse of Alexandria; One of the seven ancient wonders of the world, also on our African continent. PharoX 2014 throws light at the feet of one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Table Mountain and it’s its light shines over the Mother City – the site where humans first began their journey as humans.

By incredible synergy, the light-bulbs needed to create this work of art, were also called “Pharox”!

The Design:

A 10 story lightweight structure in the shape of a star, or star tetrahedron for those left brainers out there. While its scale is designed to be seen from as far as possible, the inner ‘heart star’ made from the original Robben Island Prison fencing is designed to be appreciated up close, and the recycled ship containers utilised for gatherings and sharing.

Layers of meaning:

The design and choices made in the creation of this art piece has many layers, each contributing to why it ‘talks’ as a beautiful and contemporary art installation piece. Visit our website, or like us on Facebook as we unwrap this present gift piece by peace.

The artist, Chris Swift:

Chris Swift, has intiated this incredible collaboration, you’ll know him as the artist who created Nelson’s column, or the glowing, huge Christmas tree in the Company Gardens, made up from cable drums and Robben Island fencing – (missed it last year? You’ll see it lit up again this Christmas.) Swift is known for his involvement in many of Cape Towns most exciting and cutting edge endeavours, including being a consultant for the World Design Capital 2014. A talented installation artist he is known for spotting important heritage symbols - having rescued the fencing, about to be thrown away and utilizing it in many of his arts works and setting up Riact. You can spot one of his latest works at the Civic centre, a tribute to Nelson Mandela – his cell recreated with the same Robben Island wire that confined the prisoners to the island.

You can also visit his latest exhibition “The void” running from 17 August to 17 September 2013 at Commune.1 on Wale Street, Cape Town. Read more
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  • Kevin Charleston SOUTH AFRICA
  • Verity Price SOUTH AFRICA
  • Dave Liddell SOUTH AFRICA
  • Roz Messenger SOUTH AFRICA
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  • Daniella Mooney SOUTH AFRICA
  • Natasha Swift SOUTH AFRICA
  • Clive De Bruyne SOUTH AFRICA
  • Dax Villanueva SOUTH AFRICA
  • Polly Edwards SOUTH AFRICA
  • Eithne Leitch SOUTH AFRICA


Tipping Point R100,000
Milestone 2 R600,000
Milestone 3 R1,000,000
tipping point
In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!
tipping point
25 hrs
In-kind donations range from drinks to office supplies. We even accept homemade cakes. See what else we need!

More about the project

ProjectX artist, Chris Swift, with his 'Mirror Star', a top of Signal Hill.
Chris Swift's artistic impression of ProjectX 2014.
A Pharox light bulb lasts for 25 years – they also save up to 80% less electricity for all those years, saving the purchase of approx. 52 light bulbs.

Get involved

Here are some great ways to get involved with the project and help out. If you have...
  • 2 minutes
    Shed the light - tell someone about the project: www.thundafund.com/projectx Check out: www.projectx2014.co.za
  • 5 minutes
    Don’t be selfish… share this ProjectX2014 page on your Facebook feed, #projectx2014 in a tweet, link it to any of your social media sites, send out an email… Enjoy good karma! ProjectX 2014 social media: • www.facebook.com/pharox2014 • www.twitter.com/art4possibility
  • 15 minutes
    Think ProjectX2014 is brilliant? Why not chat about it personally with the artist, Chris Swift? Send him an email, have a chat, find out personally what’s of interest, what’s working, what’s not… chris@projectx2014.co.za
  • A few hours
    Love ProjectX2014 and want to set up something similar in your community? Or do you know of a group who’d really love to promote the project to a wider audience or join the Projectx2014 team to see the real in’s and out’s of what they are producing…? Contact: team@projectX2014.co.za
  • Regular time commitment
    Many hands make ‘light’ work – all skills, expertise, time and energy welcome… Contact: team@projectX2014.co.za.

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